One of the most important elements to a wedding is the color scheme and decor....aside from saying "I Do", of course! This can also be a daunting task because there is SO much out there to many shades of color, options for decor, amazing centerpieces, gorgeous linens....I know your head is probably spinning right now!  For today's discussion, let's talk about color.  Is it OK to do red or green without being too "Christmas-y" or can I do pink in the winter?  YES!  The color is a statement of your personal style...just because you choose to do your wedding at a specific time during the year doesn't mean you have to sacrafice your favorites.  What do colors express?

REDs - one of the most vibrant colors, expresses passion, love, strength, energy and power.  There are various shades of red for you to choose from, again being a reflection of your likes.  I think red is great because it offers a diverse selection from flowers, linens and decor.  Adding some bling in there also brings out the beauty of this hue.  Color complements?  Using a bright green such as yellow green or chartreuse (check out the flower Bells of Ireland), burnt orange, white, gold or soft pinks would be some great splashes of color to your red palate.

BLUEs - trust, loyalty, faith, truth, wisdom and confidence.  If you want to throw an etherial, sophisticated winter wonderland, this is the color for you!  Imagine a beautiful snowfall with the sunlight glistening on fresh snow; the silvery tones almost make every tree, flower and blade of grass look like a gem.  AMAZING possibilities here!  Using combinations of ice blues and ocean blues, coupled with tones of silver, white or even a barely there lavender would be a gorgeous way to showcase a blue color scheme.  Add in some manzanita centerpieces with crystals and votives and you'll feel  like a princess at your wedding!

YELLOWs - Yellows are usually synonymous with spring and summer.  However, you CAN still do this in the fall and winter.  Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness and energy...all of the good feelings of a sunrise!  So, why not try to re-create a gorgeous sunrise or warm sunset with hues of yellow?  By mixing yellow with oranges (burnt would look good) and even reds (dark reds) would look beautiful.  Adding curly willow, berries and even dark manzanita would bring a warm feeling to your wedding.

I hope this has sparked some ideas for you.  Tomorrow, we will continue our color discussion and focus on other colors and ideas for color combinations.  Until tomorrow, happy planning!

Day Of Coordination....what exactly is that?  Many brides ask, "What's in that for me?"  This is one of the BEST gifts that you could give to yourself as a bride or if you're a parent, to give to your wedding couple.  Do you want to spend time setting up your wedding venue or church while ensuring that you are getting ready on time, making sure that the photographer is arriving on time, taking pictures of the groomsmen and groom, making sure that the limo is scheduled to arrive, telling the DJ what to do during the reception, making sure the catering staff is doing what they are supposed to, oh and don't forget making sure that Aunt Nancy received her vegetarian meal, and then to top it all off tear all of the decorations down, pack them up, pack up your gifts and the rest of your things from the reception? That's where WE come in.  By hiring Perfect Day Productions as your Day Of coordinator, what will you have to worry about....absolutely NOTHING.  For all of the work mentioned above, we handle it all: set up, tear down, vendor management, wedding day timeline, rehearsal attendance and coordination, ceremony management, pack up of all of your items at the reception and much more.  We even do contract review for all of your vendors.  It's a service that truly gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy your special day that you've waiting so long for.  We have had such a great time working for our brides and we are there to cater to every need.  Check out our reviews on  Searching for a day of coordinator or a planner?  Call us and we will take care of you.  AND, you work directly with middle man.  It's your big day and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it. 
I know it has been a LONG time since I have last written.  So much as been happening here!  Today, however, I read an article and felt compelled to write.  I'm always amazed at the array of engagement rings (or blings if you like) that I see on clients' fingers.  The Engagement Ring has evolved so much and in recent years has gone far out of the box leaving behind the traditional round-cut diamond that has adorned many fingers.  Don't let my statement lead you to believe that I'm saying that the round-cut diamond is out of style....quite the contrary.  The round, emerald, pear, marquis, baguette, princess, cushion and much more are all in style!  With well known engagement rings such as Miley Cyrus (most current) to Jessica Simpson's ruby to Princess Kate's sapphire, it's clear that while the diamond continues to dominate the engagement ring gem of choice that other stones are making headway.  Engagement rings reflect personal style, preference and of course the groom-to-be's spin too.  So, how much does an engagement ring actually COST?  Well, I believe that this is an open-ended answer.  To help you in your quest for the perfect this article from Yahoo!
Until next time, happy planning!
How important are the details, really?  It depends completely on the bride and groom as to the extent of the details.  BUT, no matter how grandiose or modest the details are, all details are important because it's the wishes of the bride and groom for their wedding day!  When we say "details" what exactly is meant by that?  It encompasses anything and everything related to the overall production of the wedding.  It is about the programs, the menu selection and how it's presented, the theme, the color palate, the decor, the way in which the chair sashes are tied, the fabric of the linens, the flowers and their arrangements, the line up of the bridal party and so much more.  Again, the degree to which all of these items are emphasized are completely up to the bride and groom.  As wedding planners, it is our job and mission to ensure that all details are thought of, planned and executed according to the wishes of the bride and groom.  But, why all of the attention to detail?  Simply put, the wedding day is the start of the rest of the lives of the bride and groom as a couple.  The day is only a short period of time and you want to enjoy all of the hard work and planning that was put into the wedding day  One word of advice though, as a bride try not to let the details consume you.  The details are important but not as important as sharing this special day with your family, friends and most importantly your fiancee.  Until next time, happy planning.
It's always very easy to assume that the main dessert attraction at the wedding is the cake.  Yes this is very true...however, in Pittsburgh we have a great thing known as the "Pittsburgh Cookie Table."  It's exactly what it says.  I'm sure that this happens in other cities.  With Pittsburgh being one of the melting pots of the US, traditions run very deep.  Moms, aunts, cousins, friends make homemade, delicious cookies and other dessert items that are presented in an amazing array on the cookie table that is sure to tantilize anyone.  It's almost as if the cookie table whispers "come over and try some!"  We just did a wedding this past weekend (Congratulations Kristy and Reno!) where the cookies were just amazing.  I am always impressed not only for the vast amount of cookies that are at the wedding but the unselfish ways in which people give of their time and effort to make the wedding great.  If you haven't considered doing a cookie table, my advice would be to think about it.  I've never met a wedding crowd who wasn't grateful to have cookies to enjoy with their coffee!  Cookie tables are actually an old tradition where family members brought cookies to a wedding both in congratulations and appreciation for being invited.  What better way to say "congratulations" than with satisfying a sweet tooth?
One of the wedding memories that people will have is the food! As with anything, you will never please everyone, but you can make every effort to please even the pickiest of palates!  Catering has evolved so much and is a key creative and visual element to receptions these days.  When I discuss catering with brides, many  don't even think about items such as "what about gluten-free? what about vegetarians? does anyone have a dairy or nut allergy?"  It may sound pretty basic but with all the other things going on it's easy to overlook it.  Then there is sit-down vs. buffet vs. stations vs. family style....yes you read style.  When considering what method of food service you'd like to offer guests, think about the ambiance and feel of your reception, your guests, YOUR preference and the omnipresent budget.  If you're having a very formal affair then family style service may not be the best option to choose.  If you want to have something fun and varietal, then maybe a station reception would be a good choice.  The one item of caution I do want to mention here is rentals.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!  It's so important I will say it again..."Don't be afraid to ask questions!"  In general, a catering company should carry catering essentials such as busing bins, water pitchers, carafes and the like.  Most will but not every catering company will carry their own china.  If they do not, you will need to rent it.  Just be vigilant and ask what a caterer does or does not provide.   You don't want to get a bill with items on it that you didn't know you'd be charged for.  Remember too with catering, this vendor will have interactions with your entire guest list so be sure to choose one that is right for you.  Still wondering what you should be looking for in a caterer (or other vendors), send us a message!  Most importantly, don't forget to do the taste test!  Your taste buds will (or may be not) thank you.  Until next time, happy planning!
How many of you brides out there have winced at the thought of having to put together your wedding budget?  I can see a few (many) hands up out there!  Don't're not alone.  Budget planning isn't the most glamorous part of the wedding planning process....but an essential one.  So, how do you go about starting a budget?  My first piece of advice is write everything down, even if you don't think you'd need to budget for it.  I've had several brides who have said "wow I didn't think to put that into my budget."  Then there is the wedding budget vs. the personal budget.  Depending on how you will pay for the wedding, couple may have a true wedding budget and a personal budget in which they pay for things such as attendant gifts, rings, etc.  It all comes down to how much you can or are willing to spend on the wedding.  With our business based in Pittsburgh, I've seen a wide range of budgets and they do compete with many other cities around the US.  I read an article today via Yahoo! that ranked Pittsburgh as the 15th (avg. $29,703) most expensive state to have a wedding.  Not too shabby for Pittsburgh!  New York takes the wedding cake closely followed by Chicago.  At any rate, budget planning is a service that we provide through Perfect Day Productions.  If that's something that you need, let us know and we'd be happy to assist you with your planning.  Take a minute to read the Yahoo! article.  Until then, happy planning!
Let's be honest....when it comes to weddings everything is a need (and a want)!  There are so many things out there from services to specialty items that it's very hard to choose where you draw the line.  Wouldn't we all love to just say "yes" to everything?  Realistically though, this doesn't end up being the case.  So, what do you do to determine what you want to do for your wedding day?  You most always are going to circle back to....the budget.  Though we don't always like to talk about it, it is an essential part to the wedding.  Visit a few wedding shows, do some research online and then put together a list of the items that you like.  Don't hold back!  Just put the list together.  From there, you could break down your list into "this is what I need" and "I'd like to have this".  I do this with all of my clients (and then some) to help them plan their perfect day.  Still thinking about how to plan everything out?  Send me a message or give me a call.  Until, next time....happy planning!
There is a lot of work that goes into wedding planning but many do not realize how much work it is until after the planning has begun.  Vendors, appointments, dress fittings, out of town guests, invitations, flowers, entertainment, ceremony, rings and not to mention, budgets!  Planners provide a wealth of professional help not only to the bride and groom in the planning phase, but also to the wedding party and guests.  By handling all of the details before the wedding and wedding day, the wedding couple can rest assured that their day will be perfect and best of all they can enjoy themselves, their guests and their day.  I often encounter brides who say "I just want to enjoy the day without having to worry about anything."  And that's exactly what we planners do.  Please stop back to our blog to read the comments and maybe post something of your own!